Meet the Team

Nalin Gupta

A driven entrepreneur and highly trained in engineering and robotics, Nalin is the co-founder and CEO of Auro. In his spare time, you can find him on a hiking trail, but be warned, he’s got a thing about hills and it’s pretty hard to catch up with him. His cooking leads to more burned dishes than not, but he always knows where to grab the best takeout.

Jit Ray Chowdhury

As a visiting researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, Jit gained the technical depth that allows him to excel as co-founder and CTO at Auro. He’s always thinking about Auro or diving into the cutting edge of robotics research, but sometimes you can also find him up in the air, working toward his pilot’s license. He tries to leave the cooking to his wife, a trained chef, but can always craft the perfect cocktail to compliment her cooking.

Srinivas Reddy

Srinivas acts as the primary bridge between technical and business development activities at Auro. He ensures that the product development aligns with the business strategy. Building robots since his college days, his passion has always been to engineer a robot that becomes a part of daily lives of people. He is now making this a reality with Auro. He is a die hard fan of Indian food, and tries out all his mom’s recipes to make up for what he misses back in his home city

Eric Weber

Field Engineer
Eric grew up in Livermore, CA, where he was homeschooled until college. During this time, he took classes in computer science, starting freshman year of high school. He then attended Lafayette College in Pennsylvania for a year, where he studied Electrical and Computer Engineering. Wanting to experience working in industry, he applied to Auro, where he now holds the position of field engineer. In his free time, he enjoys playing piano, guitar, and violin. He also makes the World’s Most Delicious Fudge.

Di Meng

Engineering Intern
Di found his passion with robotics during college at Rice University. After further study in University of Michigan's ECE: Robotics program, he gained more experience with robot perception and navigation. Auro is the perfect company for me to explore all of his passions by building the future of robot technologies. Please don't mistake him for Yao Ming, although he does play good basketball. You can also find him grilling up some tasty lamb skewers.

Angel Avila

Angel earned his Mechanical Engineering degree at UC Berkeley. He spent most of his time there with the Formula SAE team pursuing his passion for making things go fast. Now he's happily helping the Auro team make things autonomous. In his free time you can find him working on raising his chess rating, or in a go-kart lowering his lap times.  Rumor has it that he fried an egg once and it was just ok

Alexander Bui

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Alexander graduated from San Jose State University with a marketing background. Having always been fascinated with technology, his interests changed leading him to Auro. On his spare time, you can find Alexander making iPhone apps or frolicking Summoner's Rift in League of Legends.


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