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University Campuses

At universities, autonomous shuttles can be used to:

  • Transport students and professors across campus
  • Enhance safety for female students commuting at night
  • Provide mobility for injured and disabled students
  • Transport athletes or sports officials
  • Deliver last-mile connectivity between campus and main transit hub (if permitted by regulations)

Benefits to the campus:

  • Helps reduce the operating cost by 40-60% by removing driver fee and overheads
  • Beautifies campus and heightens feeling of community by removing parking lots without affecting mobility
  • Provides pleasant mode of commute during hot, cold or rainy season
  • Optimizes time and energy of students and professors who need to traverse campus


Corporate Parks

At corporate campus or business park, our autonomous shuttles can be used to:

  • Provide quick, on-demand commutes for in-person meetings
  • Offer mobility to guests unfamiliar with the campus layout
  • Deliver employees from main gate / parking lot to respective work buildings

Benefits to the corporate park:

  • Helps reduce the operating cost by 40-60% by removing driver fee and overheads
  • Provides pleasant and quick mode of transportation, with no waiting time
  • Increases employee satisfaction, happiness and productivity
  • Showcases culture of adopting innovation- both internally and to the world

Residential / Retirement Communities

At residential / retirement community, our autonomous shuttles can be used to:

  • Help residents effortlessly commute within the campus
  • Create a positive, social experience just by traveling from home to the community center, restaurants or other in-campus venues
  • Provide residential children a safe way to commute to schools or playgrounds within the route
  • Deliver reliable mobility to elderly, injured or disabled people

Benefits to the community:

  • Gives freedom of mobility to elderly and disabled people
  • Attracts elite residents who care about technology and innovation
  • Reduces per mile cost of mobility
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